Kaminik Bros & Co Ltd is a family business established in Cyprus, specializing in heating and plumbing installations..

The owner Petros Kaminik and his team have over 20 years experience in this area.

The company, when established so many years ago, had the vision to become a leading, modern and accurate business in the plumbing and heating industry, by offering their customers high quality and immediate services through their vast variety of products, thus accomplishing all consumer preference.
High quality in indoor and outdoor plumbing and heating services with great designs that cover the personal lifestyle of each customer. 
Despite of the diversity of services, one of company's strengths is the ability to remain focused on each category separately. The goal is the commitment for continuous growth and success for the benefit of our valued customers.

We employ experienced technicians who are continously updated through various educational programs covering safety and health standards and updated with techniques involving plumbing installations. Our valued experience in the installations combined with our sufficiency in product and spare parts, guarantee fast, secure and above all reliable installation of any type of plumbing.

Additionally we are specialists in installation and repair of combination boilers, central heating systems, hot water, water leaks and solving all kinds of water pressure problems.

All the products that we use are based on the latest technology, with the most excellent quality and this is why we provide from 1 to 15 years of full guarantee.



Before each tender, one of our engineers inspects your building and in 24 hours we are ready to deposit an analytic offer for the installation.

WE are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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