Water tanks and elements

The majority of us will have a water tank in our homes where the cold water is stored in a safe environment. Over a period of time the tank lining can become eroded and structurally imperfect. That`s when a tank refurbishment is in order and a new tank lining might be called for.


Kaminik Bros Ltd provides a complete water tank replacement service and has completed a significant number of projects in recent years, from small six panel builds to large multi sectionals. Temporary tanks can be installed to maintain water supplies while main replacements are carried out.

 Kaminik Bros Ltd carries a huge selection of both solar panels and solar cells - virtually guaranteeing that we have the right solar panels or solar cells for whatever solar application you need.

We have OEM small solar panels, flexible solar panels in a variety of sizes and power outputs, as well as larger off grid solar panels and grid tie solar panels for your home or business.

 Our qualified Gas Safe registered engineers are experienced on repairs and installing the domestic boilers and carry the standard boiler parts with them.

We install and service all the new condensing boilers as well as repairing the old boilers. All boilers need to be serviced once a year.

ΚΑΜΙΝΙΚ ΒRΟS Services will notify you for a maintenance service. All the boilers come with factory guarantee and installation is guaranteed for one year by us.

If your boiler fails call KAMINIK BROS Help Line 7000-0220, we may help on the phone, otherwise we can attend quickly if needed.
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